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Musical memory game
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Musical memory game

In this game you will hear a melody and you have to play it on the virtual keyboard. At first it seems easy. But then... How good is your musical memory? Let's find out.

The importance of musical memory

Musical Memory Game

The musical memory is one of the key habilities that every musician should improve. Imagine hearing any song once, and then being able to play it accurately. It seems like some sort of magic, or maybe super powers, but in reality this is possible with some practice.

This game is the first step to improve your musical ear by training your musical memory.

The musical memory game

This online game will test your musical memory using a simple melody and some basic musical notes. You can practice everywhere because it works on mobile devices. This is how the game works:

  1. First, you will hear a single note or a melody.
  2. When the melody stops, play what you just heard.
  3. Every time you play the melody right, a new note will be added to the same melody.
  4. When you complete a level, new notes will be available and a new melody will start.

When playing, take into account these tips:

  • The first notes are highlighted as a guide, memorize them.
  • Each level of the game only uses the notes highlighted at the beginning.
  • As you progress, new notes will be available.
  • If you play the wrong note, the game ends and you will have to begin from scratch because the idea is to have a perfect ear.
  • Play every day to improve your ear and take first place.

Game levels

At the beginning of each level, you will see the notes that will be used through the entire level, highlighted on the virtual piano. Use the guides to memorize the sound and position of the keys on the piano. When you reach a new level, more notes will be available. Every level starts a new melody.

The score and the first place

This online game will store your score if you login with your Facebook account. Each note that you play right will count as a good point. The more notes you play right, the higher your score.

Although it might seem frustrating to start all over again if you play the wrong note, it will motivate you to do your best every time.

The musical notes

If you don't know the musical notes and how to find them on a piano, we have the solution for you:

Is the game not working?

We have done our best to test the game using different devices and browsers. You can use any modern device to play the musical memory game. If you run into problems, these tips might help:

  • On mobile devices, Facebook uses its own browser which doesn't support the technology to play this game. If you came here from Facebook, copy the link and open it using your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.).
  • If you see a message saying that your browser does not support the technology, please copy the link and open it using a modern browser.
  • If the game starts but you don't hear any sound, be sure to check the volume level of your device.

Leave your comments below. We are always happy to hear from you.