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How to play piano or keayboard fast?

Learning to play any instrument can seem like a boring or difficult task. You might think that the path to become a piano player isn't for you. But think again. You don't need to be an expert to enjoy playing any instrument. With the method I'm about to show you, you'll be happy from day one.

Learn how to play piano and keyboard onlineLearn to play piano with an app

The easiest and most modern way of learning how to play piano or keyboard is using an app. But which app should you use? flowkey is one of the best apps to learn piano. Here is the link:

It works on mobile devices and also using Google Chrome on any computer. This app is very good, not only for beginners but also for pro players. The best feature is that it listens to what you play on the instrument. It listens to you using the following methods:

  1. Using the mic: you have to consider that the piano should sound loud and the ambience noise needs to be low.
  2. USB or MIDI connections. Most modern keyboards come with an USB port to connect to the computer. Other keyboards come with a MIDI output that can be connected through a MIDI interface which connects to the computer. Either the USB or the MIDI connections send signals from the instrument to the computer. This way flowkey knows what you are playing regardless of the sound.

If possible, I recommend you choose method number two. Works better.

How does flowkey work?

Learn piano with lessons and songs using flowkey

With flowkey, you learn to play piano or keyboard with lessons and songs. The app shows you the exact position of your hands and the corresponding note on the staff. As the app hears every note you play, it will tell you if the note was right and then you can continue with the following note.

If you want to learn from scratch, the app comes with an excellent course called "Introduction to Piano" that teaches you the following:

  • First Steps: You will learn how to sit, the exact position of your arms and hands, how to find the musical notes on the piano (C, D, E, F and G) and you'll also learn your first song.
  • Easy songs for the right hand: Easy melodies for the right hand using the C position.
  • Playing with the left hand: With the song Aura Lee.
  • Intro to reading sheet music: Learn how to read music using the staff.
  • Intro to playing with both hands: Step-by-step.
  • Chords: C major, F major, G major and A minor chords.
  • Intro to chord accompaniment.
  • Improving your technique.

And these are only the first lessons. There are many other piano courses and lessons for you to become the best.

Learn piano with lessons and songs

The piano courses are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of songs for you to learn. Something great is that you can select your level:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
  4. Pro

Or select your favorite genre:

  1. Pop Hits
  2. Classical Music
  3. Film & TV
  4. Game Music
  5. Rock
  6. Traditionals

And many more! Have you ever wanted to play the Tetris theme? Or Clocks by ColdPlay? Maybe Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen?

How much is it?

The basic course and a few songs are free. But you can pay a very low monthly subscription which gives you access to all the piano lessons and songs. The price for the month is less than an hour with a good piano teacher. I'm not saying that you shouldn't take lessons with a professional musician, but consider complementing your learning process with this awesome app for a few dollars a month. For sure you will be happy from day one.

Is there a free alternative?

Yes, our website is famous for the awesome piano games. With our virtual piano keyboard you can also learn to play piano songs online

Happy learning!