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Online Drumming: #1 drum set

Virtual drums game, online virtual drumming

Learn to play the best beats with the epic drum set. Online drumming has never been easier. Using the latest technology, we have created this free drumming game. Optimized for mobile devices.

Let's learn the features of this amazing drum kit:

The sounds of the virtual drum kit

With new amazing real sounds! These are the sounds included with the virtual drum set:

  1. Crash 1 cymbal
  2. Splash cymbal
  3. Ride cymbal
  4. Ride bell
  5. China cymbal
  6. Crash 2 cymbal
  7. High tom
  8. Low tom
  9. Floor tom
  10. Kick drum (Bass drum) 2
  11. Sticks
  12. Slosh Hi-hat
  13. Open Hi-hat
  14. Hi-hat foot pedal
  15. Closed Hi-hat
  16. 3/4 Hi-hat
  17. Snare drum rimshot
  18. Snare drum normal hit
  19. Snare drum drag
  20. Snare drum buzz
  21. Sidestick
  22. Kick drum (Bass drum) 1
  23. Cowbell

Have fun with the epic drumming game.

Mobile virtual drumming (with dynamics)

A good drummer must control the forces. We want to simulate a drum kit as real as possible. That's why you can play each instrument as loud as you like. That is what musicians call dynamics

How do you play dynamics? You can play louder or softer each instrument, it all depends where you tap. If you tap at the bottom of each icon, it sounds softer, while on top it sounds louder.

Use the computer keyboard to play the drums

Virtual drumming with the computer keyboard

You can play our drum set with the computer keyboard. These are the default keys of the keyboard that play each instrument:

  • Splash: 2
  • China: 3
  • Crash 2: 4
  • Crash 1: q
  • High Tom: w
  • Low Tom: e
  • Floor Tom: r
  • Ride: t
  • Ride Bell: y
  • Open Hi-hat: a
  • Closed Hi-hat: s
  • Snare drum: d
  • Sidestick: f
  • Buzz (Roll): g 
  • Bass drum: x and c

New feature! Now you can customize which keyboard key plays which drum part. How do you customize the keyboard? Click on the "Computer Keyboard" button above the drum set. There you can customize the keys as needed:

  1. Delete keys: click on the red button (The one with a minus sign inside) to delete that key.
  2. Add keys: Click on the "add key" button. Then press the desired key and click "next". Finally, select the part of the drum set that you want to play.
  3. Default values: Click on the "Reset Defaults" button to delete custom keys and return to default values.

PRO TIP 1: You can assign multiple drum parts to the same key. Keep in mind the system is case-sensitive.

PRO TIP 2: Select the intensity to play each drum part. Want to play harder or softer? When you assign a keyboard key, select your desired intensity for each drum part.

Virtual drumming game

Play the virtual drumming game.

Search among thousands of beats to learn how to play drums. It's free!

After you click on the play button, you will be able to:

  1. Play the beat.
  2. Learn how to play the beat with the step-by-step method.

PRO TIP: Use the "previous note" and "next note" buttons to play the beat step by step.

Record, Play and Share your drum beats

Save your drum beats using your Facebook account. Beats can be saved as public, this makes them available in the search results. Any song saved as private will not appear in the list of public beats.

You can only save beats composed by you. You must not save beats protected with copyright.

Solving possible issues

The virtual drum kit has been tested using many devices to ensure the best quality. If you are having trouble playing the virtual instrument, these tips might help:

  • Use a modern device with a modern browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari work very well).
  • Remember to turn up the volume of your device.
  • Try playing with headphones for better quality.
  • If the sound comes a little later after tapping the buttons, take into account that some old devices may have some latency. Newer devices may have a lower latency. Closing all other apps or restarting your device might be helpful.
  • On mobile devices, social networks have built-in browsers that don't support the technology to play the online drum set. If you got here from a social network link, please copy the link and paste it using your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.).
  • If you are playing with the computer keyboard but there is no sound, it is possible that you have Caps Lock on. Remember that the system is case-sensitive and default keys are lower case. You can also customize the keyboard using the keys you like (upper case, lower case, numbers and signs).

Please comment below.

Precise timing and rhythm

The best tool for every drummer is a metronome. A metronome is a device that produces a constant beat. Use our free online metronome app to become the best drummer.