Virtual Drums Game: Play the Epic Drum Set [Mobile Drumming]

Play the virtual drums game - Online drum set

Virtual drums game, online virtual drumming

Play music online with this virtual drums game. Using the latest technology, we have created this free online drum set that works on mobile devices. Record your tracks and learn how to play drums using the note by note player.

The drum kit includes:

  1. Bass drum
  2. Snare drum
  3. Rimshot
  4. Open hi-hat
  5. Closed hi-hat
  6. High tom
  7. Low tom
  8. Floor tom
  9. Crash
  10. Ride

To play the drum set, please click on the "Load virtual drum" button.

Mobile virtual drumming with dynamics

You can play louder or softer each instrument, it all depends where you tap. If you tap at the bottom of each icon, it sounds softer, while on top sounds harder.

Play the online drum kit with the computer keyboard

You can play the drum kit with the computer keyboard. These are the keys of the computer keyboard that activate each instrument:

  • Crash: q
  • High Tom: w
  • Medium Tom: e
  • Low Tom: r
  • Ride: t
  • Open Hi-hat: a
  • Closed Hi-hat: s
  • Snare drum: d
  • Rimshot: f
  • Bass drum: x and c

Learn how to play

Virtual drumming. Drums game track saving.

Use the list of public tracks to learn how to play different rhythms. After you tap the play button of any public track you can:

  • Hear the selected track.
  • Hear note by note and see the drum part highlighted as it sounds.

Using the track player you will be able to learn any public song.

Save your drum tracks

Save your drum tracks using your Facebook account. Save the tracks as public to share them with everyone. Any track saved as private will not appear in the list of public tracks.

You can only save tracks composed by you. You must not save songs protected with copyright.

Precise timing and rhythm

The best tool for every drummer is a metronome. A metronome is a device that produces a constant beat. Use our free online metronome app with the online drum kit.

Soliving possible issues

The virtual drum kit has been tested using many devices. If you are having trouble playing the virtual instrument, these tips might help:

  • Use a modern device with a modern browser.
  • If the sound comes a little after you tap the buttons, take into account that laptops, Apple devices and desktop computers have almost zero latency. Older devices and some Android devices might get some latency. Closing all other apps might help.
  • On mobile devices, Facebook has a built-in browser that doesn't support the technology to play the online drums. If you got here from a Facebook link, please copy the link and paste it using your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.).
  • If the drum loads but you don't hear any sound, check the volume of your device.

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