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How It Works
Tempo (BPM)<span>:<br>Speed between 20 and 240. Or click on the TAP button at the desired speed.</span>Tempo (BPM)<span>:<br>Speed between 20 and 240. Or click on the TAP button at the desired speed.</span>
Tempo (BPM):
Speed between 20 and 240. Or click on the TAP button at the desired speed.
Accent<span>:<br>How often a strong pulse? Between 0 and 30.</span>Accent<span>:<br>How often a strong pulse? Between 0 and 30.</span>
How often a strong pulse? Between 0 and 30.
Repeat<span>:<br>The number of repetitions up to 9999 or infinite button.</span>Repeat<span>:<br>The number of repetitions up to 9999 or infinite button.</span>
The number of repetitions up to 9999 or infinite button.

My saved metronomes

What is an online metronome app?

An online metronome app is a device to practice music and develop a more precise rhythm with any instrument. Our free metronome app plays a short and steady beat at your desired speed and is highly customizable. You can use it with our online virtual piano keyboard and with the online drumming game.

online metronome app for free

Our epic app has unique options that make it the most professional metronome online:

To play the metronome, simply click on the play button (the triangle inside the circle). To stop it, click on the same button (now a square inside a circle). Below the play button, you find the volume slider.

Tapping metronome:
Speed and tap tempo button

"Tempo" is a very common word used by musicians. It means the speed of a song. The tempo of a song is a number in BPM (Beats Per Minute). The higher the number, the faster the song.

If your metronome has a tempo of 60 BPM, it means that every second a beat is played. A metronome with a speed of 120 BPM, produces 2 beats, evenly spaced, every second.

You can set up the speed by clicking on the "tempo (BPM)" button. Select the tempo using the numbers on the screen or typing the new numbers with your computer keyboard.

PRO TIP: If you don't know the BPM number, use the tapping metronome. What is it? The tempo window includes a "tap tempo" button. Play this button several times at your desired speed and we will calculate the number for you.

Set up accents and time signatures

How often do you want to hear a strong pulse? Every four beats? Or maybe every 13 beats? You decide what is best for you.

This value is related to the time signature of the song. What are time signatures? Have you seen two big numbers, one above the other, at the beginning of a staff? Something like 4/4? That is the time signature of a song. This is a big topic, but to make it simple, let's see the most common time signatures:

  • 3/4: One accent every 3 beats (binary or shuffle division depending on the song).
  • 4/4: One accent every 4 beats (binary or shuffle division depending on the song).
  • 5/4: One accent every 5 beats (binary or shuffle division depending on the song).
  • 6/8: One accent every 2 beats (ternary division).
  • 9/8: One accent every 3 beats (ternary division).
  • 12/8: One accent every 4 beats (ternary division).
  • 7/8: Accent every 7 pulses.

In parenthesis, you find the recommended division (if you want to hear beat divisions). Let's learn more about beat divisions.

Divide the beats to practice different styles

Being able to hear beat divisions can be very helpful to improve rhythm accuracy. These are the possible beat divisions:

  1. None: You don't hear any beat division.
  2. Binary: Every beat is divided into two equal parts.
  3. Ternary: Every beat is divided into three equal parts.
  4. Shuffle: Every beat is divided into two parts, but the first beat lasts longer than the next division. This type of rhythm can also be known as Swing.

You can select the division by clicking on the "division" button.

Pro Metronome with number of repetitions

If you click on the "repeat" button, you can make the metronome play infinitely, or set the number of repetitions. This is very useful if you want the metronome to stop automatically.

Let's say you are playing a song that has 100 measures or bars. You can set the metronome to play 101 times to have an extra measure to play at the beginning and you should end playing at the same time with the metronome.

PRO TIP: Change any value of the metronome while it is playing, and it will change on the fly.

Metronome with automation
(Progressive Rock metronome)

Progressive rock songs usually have tempo and time signature changes that need the most advanced metronome. Many other music styles, genres, and some particular songs need a metronome that can change over time. Luckily, our online metronome is able to make automatic changes. 

Being able to automate the metronome is very powerful. If you are practicing slow, and want to reach a certain speed, you can automate the metronome to get faster over time.

To create automatic changes click on the "+ automation" button. This will create a new row that will be played after the row above has been completed. Create as many rows as you need. 

PRO TIP: If the last row has a finite number of repetitions, you can set the metronome to repeat all over from the beginning.

Save your online metronome beats

Having to create metronomes every time is a waste of time. Now you can save all your metronomes for free. To do this, connect your Facebook account when asked. It is safe and we will never post on your behalf.

To save your metronome click on the "save" button. This will open a dialog to enter the name of the metronome and confirm. You will find the list of your saved metronomes below the metronome.

PRO TIP: Even if you don't save your metronome, we will do our best to keep your metronome settings for the next time you come back. To do this simply use the same browser, on the same device, and don't use incognito mode.

Share your saved metronomes

When you load any of your saved metronomes, they open in a unique URL that you can share with your musician friends. People can still make changes to the metronome but it won't affect your saved state.

Solving possible issues

The free and online metronome app uses the latest technology and has been tested on many devices to ensure the highest quality. But if some problems occur, the following tips may help:

  • Use a modern and updated browser. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge).
  • Most of the time, when you don't hear the metronome, it is because the volume of your device is down. We know it sounds obvious, but it happens a lot.
  • If you arrived here from a social media link, sometimes a lite browser is used that cannot load the virtual metronome. In that case, copy the link and open it in your favorite browser.

If you have comments, suggestions, or any other problem, comment below and we will help you as soon as possible.