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What is an online metronome app?

The online metronome is a virtual app that produces a short sound that repeats continously. Each sound is called a beat. The metronome is very useful to play music and study because it helps us to keep a steady rhythm. This free metronome is the perfect tool in your pocket, it works great on mobile devices, including tablets, iPads, smartphones and many more. Its responsive design adapts to the size of the screen.

Try this metronome with our virtual instruments:

How does the free metronome app work?

The free metronome app uses the latest technology to produce steady rhythms. Learn to use all the options and it will be perfect to play any instrument. Use it every day and for sure you will improve your musical skills.

Free online metronome app

The online metronome has these options:

  1. Play and stop button.
  2. Volume control.
  3. Select the number of bars to stop automatically.
  4. Select the tempo or speed of each beat.
  5. Select how often you want to hear an accent.
  6. Activate or deactivate subdivision.
  7. Create automatic changes.
  8. Decide if you want the repeat the changes at the end or just finish.

Let's see how to configure each option.

Basic buttons of the online metronome

To start the metronome, please click on the "LOAD METRONOME" button. The predefined options are:

  • Number of bars: infinite. The metronome won't stop.
  • Tempo (BPM): 120. BPM means Beats Per Minute.
  • Accent each: 4. Each 4 beats, you will hear an accent.
  • Division: none. This means that we won't hear any subdivision.

The accent can be any number between 0 and 30.

Number of bars

A bar in music is the group of beats starting with an accent. With each accent begins a new bar. The metronome will stop automatically after completing the selected number of bars. If you selected 0 or 1 in the accent column, every beat will count as a bar.

TAP TEMPO button

The "TAP" button is very useful. It allows us to click on it at the desired speed and it will calculate the BPM. The minimum speed is 20BPM and the maximum 240BPM.


The button in the "division" column has these options:

  1. NONE: it means that there won't be any sound among the beats.
  2. BINARY: you will hear a different sound just in the middle of beats.
  3. TERNARY: it produces two evenly spaced sounds among the beats.
  4. SHUFFLE: you will hear one subdivision but closer to the following beat.

Metronome app with automation: automatic changes

The online metronome app can produce automatic changes. This option is really useful when you want to play songs that have tempo or metric changes (like progressive rock and many other) or when you want to study using different speeds.

To create automatic changes, click on the "+ ADD AUTOMATION" button. It will create a new row with all the basic options like number of bars, tempo, accents and subdivision.

Free online metronome app settings

You can create all the rows you need. When the number of bars of the first row complete, the second row will begin. You may delete any row, but there must be at least one row.

Keep in mind that only the last row can be infinite.

When the last row has a finite number of bars, you may select to repeat the whole sequence or finish after the last row.

Solving possible problems

The free and online metronome app uses the latest technology, that is why you should use a modern browser.

If you got here from a Facebook link, keep in mind that Facebook's mobile app has a built-in browser that does not support the technology to play this metronome. If it is your case, please copy the link of this page, and then open it from any browser using the same device.

If the metronome loads, but it doesn't seem to produce any sound, make sure that the volume of the metronome and the volume of the device are up.

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